Youth Advisory Board Member

Hours 10 hours
Closing Date 08 July 2022
Benefits n/a
Volunteering Location London/Online
Volunteering Length 1 year
Supervisor Job Title Managing Director and Founder
References and Recommendations
  • Written employer references provided

Main Duties

The Youth Advisory Board role includes: 

  1. Board Meetings: Four meetings per year with our founder Ajay Pabial to discuss ideas for Art Clubbers.
  2. Observe, participate and learn: This is a chance to observe how a non-profit art organisation works by getting involved in the project planning stage. Members also have the chance to volunteer in the projects when the time comes. The insights might be of use to the future career and academic life of the members
  3. Social events: We also have trips to exhibits/festivals/art trails/workshops throughout the year so members can socialise with each other and expand networks.
  4. Exchange ideas with peers: A dedicated Youth Advisory Board Slack account which is an online workplace messaging platform. Here, you can share ideas and host discussions with each other throughout the year.

Skills and Experience Required

  1. Students will learn about project delivery during the board meetings with the Art Clubbers team gaining insight in how a creative company operates.
  2. There will be opportunities to work with us on future projects, gaining more experience in the creative field
  3. Sharpen CV: Art Clubbers CIC have recently become members of London Youth and Badge Nation. Badge Nation is a nationally recognised online badging awards provider, endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA (Royal Society for Arts). These badges can be used on CV, LinkedIn, social media, website, etc to showcase non-accredited learning and practical experience.