Volunteer Team Member

Hours Ideally we are seeking volunteers to be able to commit 8-16 hours of their time per week for the duration of the festival. We pride ourselves on being flexible to the individual timings and needs of our volunteers and will rota accordingly.
Closing Date 03 July 2022
Benefits + Gain experience as part of a leading contemporary art festival + Meet new people from a variety of backgrounds + Training and development opportunities + Reference supplied from Director of Volunteers + Access to our exclusive programme + Giving back to the local community. + KCAW will reimburse volunteers for inner-city public transport and lunch against receipts.
Volunteering Location Kensington and Chelsea
Volunteering Length Maximum 6 days: flexible working hours available
Supervisor Job Title Manager, KCAW
References and Recommendations
  • Written employer references provided

Main Duties

+ Stewards

Volunteers will be located at Public Art installations and other key locations throughout the borough. From these hubs, they will provide valuable details on the artworks, their makers, and KCAW in general for visitors.

+ Marketing

Volunteers will be invited to document the festival and actively contribute to KCAW social media platforms.

+ Production

Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist with the production of KCAW, working on site as runners during the installation of exhibition, public art, and distribute material to participating venues. Volunteers will also assist with the installation of signage and wayfinding.

Skills and Experience Required

This volunteering position offers an excellent opportunity for students to get to know their local area better, connect with the community, and support KCAW’s aim of making arts and culture accessible and engaging for all. Students will gain experience as part of a leading contemporary art festival, and have the opportunity to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds.

There are also training and development opportunities, and a a reference will be supplied from our Director of Volunteers. Volunteers will have unparalleled access to our exclusive programme whilst giving back to the local community.