Volunteer Event Photographer

Hours Timings vary depending on the event but should be no more than 4 hours per week.
Closing Date 30 September 2022
Benefits All travel and other expenses will be covered
Volunteering Location London, UK
Volunteering Length 6 months
Supervisor Job Title Deputy Director of Fundraising

Main Duties

This position would ideally suit:

  • A student / start up photographer looking to build their portfolio/experience
  • An experienced photographer looking for a volunteering opportunity

What you will be doing?

  • Providing professional grade images of challenge events and other ad hoc fundraising events. Please note that your gallery images will be credited to you

What skills and experience are needed?

  • Good photography skills – skilled enthusiast to professional
  • Produce images suitable for promotional materials
  • A friendly and approachable manner

Skills and Experience Required

·      Experience photographing an interesting variety of events in the charity sector

·      The opportunity to expand your current skillset and client base

·      Opportunities to promote your work to a wider audience