Studio Volunteer

Hours 3-6 hours
Closing Date 06 October 2022
Benefits Travel within London and lunch expenses are reimbursed.
Volunteering Location At our studios in Holburn, Clapham and Brent.
Volunteering Length 3 months
Supervisor Job Title Programme Manager
References and Recommendations
  • Written employer references provided

Main Duties

Key tasks:

● preparing the studio space and materials

● work with ActionSpace artists on a 1:1 basis to explore techniques, identify interests, refine ideas, research and develop creative projects under the guidance of the studio’s artist facilitator and/or assistant artist facilitator

● undertake tasks as required by the artist facilitator to manage and maintain the studio space

● photographing and archiving works by ActionSpace artists

● supporting ActionSpace artists to engage with artistic residencies, off-site workshops and programmes, events, exhibitions etc

Skills and Experience Required

Students will learn about inclusive arts practice, mentored by the ArtistFacilitators who lead our studio sessions. They will gain experience in creatively supporting artists with learning disabilities.