Educational Content Creator on Art and Psychology

Hours 10-15 hours total
Closing Date 30 September 2022
Benefits We pay travel expenses where incurred
Volunteering Location Central London
Volunteering Length approx 10 weeks
Supervisor Job Title Volunteer Lead
References and Recommendations
  • Recommendations provided (such as on LinkedIn)

Main Duties

  • To write the scripts for the educational videos (2-5 minutes long) on topics related to Art and Psychology
  • To meet with our Educo officers at a location in Central London, to deliver the scripts on camera


Skills and Experience Required

  • The volunteers who fulfill this role will have the opportunity:To engage with younger people and have a positive impact on their educational experience
  • To develop their communication skills, both written and oral, by creating the educational scripts and delivering the content in front of a camera for an online audience
  • To be part of an organisation that aims to build a supportive and actualised community