Starting Out - 26 - 28 June 2023
Want to get the skills, knowledge and motivation you need to fulfill your ambitions? Starting Out is UAL’s summer programme of inspiring and empowering talks, workshops, one-to-ones and networking opportunities. Get insights into work options, starting your own business, and preparing for your professional life.

Creative Social Impact Volunteer

Hours 10-15hours a week as agreed
Closing Date 01 July 2023
Benefits Agreed out-of-pocket expenses such as lunch and travel will be reimbursed.
Volunteering Location Virtual with weekly meetings in London.
Volunteering Length 1 month (extended as agreed)
Supervisor Job Title Head of Impact
References and Recommendations
  • Written employer references provided
  • Recommendations provided (such as on LinkedIn)

Main Duties

The main duties of the student will be to assist the team with creative communications and client research for the launch event

  • Research of potential fashion clients
  • Creating profiles of relevant fashion clients, industry partners and NGOs (nationally and internationally)
  • Collaborate with our team to create creative materials (video, graphics, 3D) for the product launch
  • Organise all multi-media materials
  • Assist with the launch event, creative ways to promote, collating invite lists

Skills and Experience Required

The student will get the opportunity to learn a variety of skills for other future thinking and dynamic environments

  • Launch of a new innovation product within the fashion sector
  • Disruptive technologies applied for good
  • Creative applications working with innovative solutions AI, blockchain
  • Social impact and climate change initiatives
  • Digital Fashion and Avatar creation
  • Networking with international NGOs and charities
  • Using new technologies for transparency and traceability across multinational networks
  • Events, graphic design, communications, product launch