Writer with experience in working as a fashion designer

£4-7 per 100 words (well above National Minimum Wage)
1 hour+
Position Type
work from home
Closing Date
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Main Duties

We're a fashion business consultancy looking to create articles and resources for fashion startups.

We're looking for an experienced fashion designer, production manager, or sourcing manager who can share their experience of working with up and coming brands.

We can give you a list of articles to write, and we're also open to suggestions. For example:

How to start a clothing brand
How to find the right fashion designer for your clothing brand
How to design and produce your first collection
How to find the right suppliers for your clothing brand
How to find the right factory, etc

You can get as creative and as detailed as you like. We want your unique perspective and fashion industry to shine through.

Our standard rate is £4-7 per 100 words, depending on your experience.

Skills and Experience

Previous experience working in fashion design, production, sourcing, etc

This can be from entry/graduate-level to much more established positions/backgrounds.