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3 - 4 hours
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E&O Matcha

Main Duties

Hi there,

Hope you're good. We need our website redone, would like to get a quote on getting the below done in a week or less.

Here's a link to how the site looks now:


Most of the content (text, images) are ready and I just need to send this to you - you just need to arrange them and put them in a nice layout.

It may be best to start with the mobile site as this is where most customers will be coming from and then use that to edit the desktop version.

Use our old website ( as a reference to get content.

Home Page

1. We have 1 product available at the moment and would like this on the home page.

We have an app called 'Recurring Payments' that should be synced and displays a one-time purchase and a subscription purchase, please get this on the home page.

2. We have another 3 products coming

- would like you to set these up so when we have the images we can just update them. Maybe just hide them for now?

About Us

1. This page needs cleaning - things are not in line at the moment and it looks like the previous designer has copy and pasted from our old wix site into here.

Please get this content on the page in a nice, clear format. -- take text from reference website


1. Please make the Matcha Latte Recipe page more appealing - not really a fan of the bullet points.

2. We'll send you info for 2 more recipes - if you could please add them in the same style and format you'll use for the Matcha Latte.


1. Sync the 'Recurring Subscription' payment app into Shop


1. Please change the style of the current menu

- menu should be in the header at the top and not the full-screen dropdown


1. Click here to be taken to the wetransfer link with images, icons and a few of the pages on the home page I made these in Canva.

Any questions let me know.



Skills and Experience

Shopify Website Design