Visuals for a music video - lots of creative freedom - Freelance

Freelance, negotiable
Depends - see above
Position Type
Anywhere, but we are in London
Closing Date
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Main Duties

We are a live techno duo and we are looking for a freelancer to create a video for one of the tracks on a new EP. We already have a video for the main/title track.

We are very open minded about what format the video could be. Anything ranging from abstract colours, videography, animation, collage, or a mix of ideas.

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get into music visuals or for someone who is already involved in this area. There is lots of creative freedom as we don't have many constraints with this project other than the length of the track. We are looking for something that brings the track to life mainly for people consuming on YouTube or Facebook. Ideally a strong idea with a simple execution.

Post seeing examples of your work we would propose having a quick chat about ideas once you had heard the track and have figured out how much work is involved before agreeing a fee. Budget is limited but hopefully by keeping the idea simple we can keep the amount of work down to match. We would obviously also credit you as the artist of the visuals.

Skills and Experience

We are not looking for any experience in particular but it would be useful to see a portfolio of relevant work.