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Take Note Ltd

Main Duties

Are you our Typing Superhero?

We are Take Note, a long-established and respected notetaking and transcription company. We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking business, always making sure we are ahead of the most recent technology, making sure we’re at the top of our game; providing the best service for our clients, and the best job for our student-filled typing force. We sound amazing, right? (We are!) We’re now looking for some amazing new superheroes to join our team. Superheroes who just love to type accurately and quickly, all the while getting paid for it. We need these typing superheroes to notetake in and around London at focus groups, meetings, and all manner of corporate shindigs, and in return we’ll provide £16.50+ per hour and flexible work to fit around those all-important studies. And possibly a cape. Or possibly not.

Skills and Experience

Can you type at 80+ words per minute? (We like you!) Do you have your own laptop? (We like you a lot!) Are you punctual, professional and friendly? (A WHOLE lot!) Are your English language, grammar and spelling skills top-notch? (Oh my, I think we just fell in love!)