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Luxury Fashion Buyer - Based in Hangzhou, China

Salary of formal position: CY15,000 ~ 20,000 per month, and the specific amount can be discussed in person. 2. For interns, the salary is 200~400 yuan per day. Besides, the company will provide you with other benefits, including catering allowance and off-site benefits.
About eight hours a day, there may be overtime
Position Type
Alibaba Xixi Park, Hangzhou
Closing Date
Advert expires on


Main Duties

There are both internship and formal positions.

  1. Cooperate with the buyer to be responsible for the selection and audit of brand styles, assist the buyer to negotiate with the designated brand, and jointly complete the purchase of luxury goods;
  2. Assist buyers to make commodity purchasing plan, make annual, quarterly and monthly commodity plans, coordinate the relationship between relevant departments according to the plan, and jointly promote the implementation of the plan;
  3. Track the whole supply chain of luxury goods, including arrival, logistics, inventory management, commodity cycle monitoring, etc;
  4. Make regular data analysis on the sales performance of goods, and mine the selling points and growth opportunities of products from the data,and give suggestions;
  5. Collect information about luxury brands, competitors, industry trends and fashion trends, analyze, integrate and produce effective research reports.

Skills and Experience

  1. Bachelor degree above in clothing or art, fluent in English, strong communication and coordination skills;
  2. Love fashion and luxury industry, keen on market trends and fashion trends, good aesthetic quality;
  3. Sensitive to data and clear logical thinking.