Honey Warehouse Assistant

£75 a day
9am - 6pm
Position Type
Bermondsey, London
Closing Date
Advert expires on

the London Honey Company

Main Duties

JOIN THE COLONY We’re looking for someone with the energy, attention to detail and work ethic of a honeybee and an equal love of honey!

Key responsibilities • Accurately labelling and picking orders for dispatch. • Work may include honey extraction and bottling,dependent on candidate. • Cleaning down and drying honey extraction and bottling equipment. • Accurately maintaining records associated with honey packing and food hygiene. • Ensuring orders are dispatched with the paperwork required attached. • Ensuring orders leave the warehouse accurately fulfilled, on schedule and looking beautiful. • Maintaining working areas in a clean, safe and tidy state, ready to go again. • Checking deliveries in and out of the warehouse.

Skills and Experience

Required skills and qualities: • An interest in honey. • Able to work under pressure. • Self-motivation and time management. • Attention to detail and pride in presentation. • Repetitive heavy lifting. • Good written and conversational English. • Willingness to learn and develop new skills. • Able to communicate effectively with other members of the team.