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Freelance Commission to Produce Artwork for a Film

Freelance, to be negotiated
Freelance, you can commit however much time you have available over the next few months
Position Type
Work can be done remotely
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Independent filmmaker

Main Duties

I am a filmmaker developing a short film which requires some artwork being produced to form the visual content of the film. I plan to enter the film into a film festival before putting it on to the internet.

The film will consist of an audio of diary entries over the course of the life of a girl from ages 4 to 22. We see her grow, gain intelligence, develop perspectives, and ultimately journey through life. As she gets older, she also starts to reflect on life, the human condition, society, philosophy, and mental health. Each diary entry will be accompanied by a portrait painting on the screen of the girl, with the portrait (I use the term portrait loosely as, whilst her face is at least somewhat present in each piece, her face need not be the main focus of each piece) assumed to have been made by the girl herself at the time of the diary entry. This means that the quality, detail and clarity rise dramatically over the course of the film and we get to have a clearer idea of what the girl looks like, mirroring the increase in clarity with which we perceive her personhood over time. The artists working on the project will have much creative freedom, with the style varying from entry to entry and often being intended to match the theme of the diary entry they accompany. Each piece of art will gradually form on screen whilst the diary entry is being read through a series of snapshots from different stages of the piece being formed. This will create a stop-motion/time-lapse hybrid effect. If you rely on a traditional medium, I can send you a DSLR camera, light panel, and a stand, and all you would have to do would be to hit record and remove your hand from view every 10 minutes or so. Or if you are a digital artist, your device can record the process of creating the piece, or you can take screenshots yourself every so often.

This would require around 23 different pieces of art. I wanted to get several artists on board to spread out the burden and get a variety of styles. I am hoping to get in touch with any relevant students or graduates who would like to be part of the project. The work would be paid, but would also offer them the chance to make the credits of a film and be part of a rather meaningful project. The project isn’t too time pressured, and it would just consist of you dedicating whatever time to it that you are willing to. If you are unsure of anything, just apply and I can run you through everything and hash out the details, I can also send you a copy of the script.

Skills and Experience

Any skilled student would be suitable