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Annual salary of est. £30,000 per annum (this will increase as we grow) and equity
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Full Time
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Main Duties

Women globally lack education on their menstrual cycles. We’re on a mission to normalise cycles, to ensure that every woman not only knows what day she’s on but also knows what that means. We’ve made a digital watch running on a 3V lithium battery that also has a menstrual cycle tracking functionality. All of the data input is on the watch itself, and stored there too. It gives you a notification icon when you’re in the most fertile window (if you have a regular cycle), and 3 days before your period is due. You can also see the date your next period is due to start so you can plan better.

The opportunity

We're looking for a co-founder to build the founding team! This person has a technical skillset with a background in UX/UI and product design. They don't need to come from an engineering background necessarily, but it helps to understand hardware and overall electronics. You'll be working closely with our sourcing partner in Hong Kong who will be responsible for engineering and manufacturing the product that you design (in coordination with CEO and early customers).

We want to develop a more sophisticated tracker watch that stays low cost (under £100), and still doesn’t need an app (but maybe this evolves!). We want it to link your menstrual cycle to other key metrics in your life (e.g. how to exercise during this phase, or what your mood might be like). You would be leading this product development in close coordination with immi’s founder and sourcing partner in Hong Kong. You will be creating mock-ups, conducting research and figuring out the best user experience for integrating your menstrual cycle seamlessly into your life.

Skills and Experience

About you

You’re excited to build something unique for women! Something that can shift taboos and have a significant impact in society. You are willing to jump right in and design a product, and you’re excited to be able to work closely with our sourcing partner in Hong Kong in order for the product to be ‘fit for manufacturing’. You’re a self-starter who can also do some early user research in order to design something that really answers the needs of young women. You have the necessary technical skills to design a product, UX flows and conduct research.