Architectural Robotics Developer

£30,000 per annum
35 hours per week
Position Type
Full Time
Dorset, South West England
Closing Date
Advert expires on

AA School

Main Duties

The AA seeks interesting and interested candidates for the Architectural Robotics Developer position at Hooke Park – its satellite woodland campus in Dorset, southwest England. Operating in the unique environment of an active woodland with significant timber fabrication resources, Hooke Park’s robotic facilities (based around a Kuka KR-150) are used for experimental research by the school’s students and staff.

The Robotics Developer is required to have experience of running an industrial robotic arm, ideally within architectural education. Knowledge of timber fabrication is desired, and the ability to work with students and academic staff to formulate research projects is essential

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Skills and Experience

Qualifications and Training

AA’s staff is encouraged to grow and develop their research agendas as part of their positions. Successful candidates will have a relevant agenda that encompasses some of the most pressing challenges facing architecture and society, including but not limited to automation and sustainability.


• Masters level degree in architecture, computer science or robotics or an equivalent/relevant qualification


• KUKA certification

• Training in workshop Health & Safety

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


• Experience in robotic fabrication for architectural applications

• Advanced skills in computer aided design and manufacture

• Experience of managing or supervising a workshop/making facility

• Skill in robotic programming

• Ability to develop methodologies for robotic fabrication processes

• Extensive knowledge of and ability to teach Rhino, Grasshopper and Adobe Suite

• Excellent communications skills


• Experience of wood fabrication and construction

• Experience of working in an academic environment

• Familiar with KRC2 Kuka controller

• Experience in the operation of and file preparation for digital fabrication tools such as CNCs and 3D printers.

• Skill in programming languages C#, Python, Kuka Robotic Language

• Experience of creating bespoke tools/jigs for digital and physical making processes

• Understanding of architectural design and execution

• Experience in project planning and management