3D Animator

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Main Duties

Part 1 - Trees / Forest

Our users will be encouraged to use the Almond Coins they have earned when ‘buying better’ to buy trees that will be planted by our partner charities.

Users will also be able to ‘earn’ trees by inviting their friends and thus grow the community.


A) Individual Trees - Develop a library of 3D models of all the species of trees planted by our charity partners and connected them to a realistic growth index - an algorithm that will mirror the real world growth trajectory of each species.

Each virtual tree will be linked to a tree in the real world and it’s coordinates will be help on our blockchain.

This growth pattern will also be linked to a sequestration index that relates to the amount of CO2 each tree will absorb at any given time of it’s growth.

These algorithms will therefore make each 3D tree model dynamic.

There are good existing libraries for 3D trees at a particular point of growth but extra work may be needed to make this dynamic state possible.


Design the full lifespan of the trees with 5 different shapes for one species of a tree

Show the age of the the tree

Show the sequestration rate of each tree. This rate will be shown in kilograms of CO2 offset. For example: ‘CO2 -12.8kg’.

Show the name of the tree. By default this will be the name of the type of tree but users will also be able to give the tree a custom name like that of a friend.


Specific Tree Profiles will be created for each tree - the animation will be features at the top of each one [big]

The list of ‘My Trees’ [small]

B) My Forest - To encourage our users to plant as many trees as possible and give them a greater sense of accomplishment, each tree (at various states of growth/sequestration) will be brought together in an idealised animated forest landscape. Even if in reality the real trees will be spread around the world.


Show all trees on a virtual island -

An algorithm will need to evenly spread out the trees on this surface - the more trees, the smaller the scale - the less, the bigger - so that the user can always be satisfied with the image layout


The home screen of the Impact area

Part 2 - Community Progress

Our focus groups and research reveals that our users want to feel part of a movement of other people like them that is driving real change.

The Goal : The idea is to create a load screen graphic (when opening the app) that summaries the collective impact of every Almond user in a beautiful animated illustration.


A graphic that shows in an idealised illustration/animation:

The total amount of people taking action [amount of downloads]
The total amount of trees planted
The total amount of CO2 offset [using the combined sequestration index of the trees planted]

The load screen & Home area
The landing Impact area

Skills and Experience

Creating 3D dynamic visual models, creating indexes that interact with the tree models.