Design Internship

£73 per day
Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm
Internship Length
12 weeks
Internship Location
Islington, London
Internship Supervisor
Annika Thiems
Supervisor Job Title
Studio and Project Manager
Closing Date
Advert expires on

Zak Group

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Main Duties

Internships include significant contributions to studio work across the full spectrum of visual media—from books, websites and printed matter to branding, exhibitions and typefaces.

Who Would Benefit?

Zak Group is a creative studio founded in London in 2005. We give shape to contemporary visual culture through graphic design, architecture and visual art. Zak Group is currently Annika Thiems, Asel Tambay, Julie Kim, Teo Furtado and Zak Kyes.

A three-month internship is available at Zak Group for recent graduates in the field of graphic design. This position will provide exposure to a wide range of multi-disciplinary design projects. Successful applicants are expected to commit full-time for twelve weeks, with a probationary period in the initial four weeks.