Campaigns Intern - open to BAME / Lower Socio-Economic Background Candidates

£10.55 per hour, London Living Wage
Full Time
Internship Length
6 months
Internship Location
Internship Supervisor
- -
Supervisor Job Title
Closing Date
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Creative Access

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Main Duties

Explore and investigate other social networking tools/platforms for communicating and spreading awareness on issues

Support projects through operational tasks that enable top-quality campaign execution

Participate in campaign brainstorms to generate innovative ideas

Develop creative content ideas suitable for social media

Analyse social media insights and digital campaign results appropriately and clearly

Utilise a meticulous eye for detail to schedule digital adverts on social media platforms for both projects and Purpose marketing, disseminating their key messages to new audiences and retargeting core supporters

Write blog posts and website copy for projects and the Purpose website, liaising with members of the global team to source meaningful information

Monitor Purpose’s social media to maintain a high quality of community management

Source, develop and schedule content regularly for Purpose channels

Who Would Benefit?

Work closely with the campaigns team to implement social media campaigns, such as writing social media copy for different digital platforms, managing online communities, sourcing innovative stories, maximising engagement and impact through content optimisation, and generally working towards the success of Purpose campaigns