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Hooper Collective Ltd

Company Profile

Hooper Collective: CREATIVE INNOVATION STUDIO breaking the mould when it comes to NEWNESS.  Hooper Collective is a vibrant creative innovation studio working with some of the world's biggest and boldest FMCG brands. Founded by old-hands’ of the agency world, Hooper Collective brings together bravery, intelligent foresight and creativity to brands who are trying to find their newness.  We’ve redefined the agency model, flipping from ‘outsourced’ to external team. We work closely with brand, marketing, design and innovation teams to define NEWNESS that delivers business results, whilst delighting consumers.  From the founders, Rosie & Sarah: "It’s taken a long time for us to hone our craft. We believe in the power of innovation and are frustrated by the woeful statistics around NPD success. We abhor the idea of ‘same sh*t in, same sh*t out’ - we are here to bring NEWNESS to businesses. Truly consumer-centric and truly creative.” Here’s a little flavour of what we stand for:

  • Creativity from day 1. 
  • The power of now and next. And how a Creative Culture keeps us inspired and fuelled 
  • Staying energised, focused, building, iterating and always moving with momentum
  • Positive Pragmatism. We’ve been around the block, we know newness is special and sometimes needs a particular level of nurture 
  • Doing it our way. Not a IP’d process, or fancy marketing magic, just inspired, always tailored approaches that we know work
Some of the proof: 
  • We’ve helped global companies define their global innovation strategies
  • We’ve created brands for Fortune 50 companies 
  • We’ve ideated and realised 1000s of concepts 
  • We’ve screened 1000s of them with consumers too 
  • We run the best design thinking workshops of all time*
  • We’re that relentless that we set up our own product-brand business, Sarrosi
*that’s what we’ve been told by Coca-Cola  Some of our values:
  • We’re dedicated to the team effort - there through through thick and thin
  • We get sh*t done - we are unapologetically prolific 
  • We push and provoke in the best possible way - we think it gets us to the best ideas
  • Fun isn’t just for the weekends. Working with us is always a joyful experience.