Sarrosi Ltd

Company Profile

We are a couple of Doncaster-born female creative thinkers and do-ers, we adore well thought-through, high-quality products that look fabulous. We are on a mission to bring you super useful products that you will adore. “It is our mission to help womxn feel great about their bodies. In a world full of frequent harmful messaging around beauty ideals, the male gaze and body aspirations we think people deserve to take a step back from this noise, to really care for themselves - celebrating what we have, not what we have not” — SARROSI FOUNDERS We want to help womxn move their bodies without having to overthink or be fearful of what could happen. In a world full of harmful messaging around bodies and identity, we want to help womxn take it back to basics, to feel free in themselves and their bodies. Sarrosi Anti-Chafe Balm solves a real problem for womxn: Chafe-Burn If we help people feel the simple pleasure of underwear that doesn’t aggravate the skin, or help people to experience the innocent pleasure of a gentle summers’ breeze caressing their legs then we’ve achieved our mission. We have big plans for our burgeoning business, and look forward to sharing more soon!

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