Atom Universe

BE WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. AURA is the technology to put you in any game or app. AURA connects applications via a realistic avatar system and facilitates users moving together between those applications with a persistent identity, creating a sense of community. With AURA you can create a full-body avatar looking exactly like you with a mobile phone and put yourself into any game or app any time and anywhere. AURA is created by Atom Universe Ltd, a UK startup based in Woking, Surrey, UK. Atom Universe was founded by Alex Grona and Tanguy Dewavrin in 2014 and launched a virtual world on PS4 and Steam in Sep 2016. It’s the first and only cross-platform virtual world between PlayStation and PC. Also with the partnership with Sony Mobile we launched an Android app in Jan 2019 to create photorealistic avatars for the virtual world.

3D Face Reconstruction Computer Vision Algorithms Engineer

Atom Universe
Closing date: 01/11/2019
Salary: £30,000 - £50,000 per annum depending on experience
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